The virtual images are composed of virtual light sources, such as light emitting points or lines, which can be also used for the assembly of more complicated patterns. The technology is based on exact reconstruction of the light field, i.e. it creates a physical concentration of light intensity in space, directly testable by placing a probe into the virtual image. This approach provides high stability of the virtual image independently from the viewing position.

Hence, the images can be observed by a single viewer or simultaneously by multiple viewers. All persons will see the image exactly in the same spatial location. The virtual images appear in front of the physical screen and give the viewer a feeling that they are really present there. The viewer can touch the images and trigger various events, which can, for example, change the visual content or switch external devices interactively.

Please have a look into our youtube channel and at our showcase too. You can find dozens of videos and images there showing our holographic light devices in action.